Frequently asked questions

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1. What is the Ranch's capacity?

Lost Valley can accommodate about 85 guests during the summer in our 23 cabins. We normally have about 60 staff to serve you during that time. In the spring and fall, our capacity is 60 guests with 35 staff.

2. What clothing should I bring?

Casual western is always appropriate at Lost Valley. Cowboy boots and jeans fit every occasion. The weather in Colorado can change rapidly so we encourage you to bring "layers" for the season you will be here. Evenings cool off quickly, so a jacket is also highly recommended.  

3. Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, no. The ranch already has a number of dogs and cats as well as our herd of horses, cattle and other large animals.  Outside pets pose a safety issue for other guests and pets who aren't accustomed to guest dude ranch life. Additionally, out of consideration for guests who will come after you, we can't allow pets in our cabins.

4. What is the weather like?

Generally Colorado days are full of sunshine, and in the summer a brief afternoon shower is typical. Our altitude of 7,500 feet means that we get significant solar heating, so even when the temperature is low the bright sun makes it feel warmer. However, when the sun goes down it cools quickly so that any time of the year you can enjoy a fire in your cabin's fireplace. Here are the seasonal specifics:

  • Spring, our lows will average 14-29 degrees, and our highs 46-65 degrees.
  • Summer our lows average 45-55 degrees and the highs between 75-90 degrees.
  • Fall, our lows are around 15-35 degrees and the highs 45-70 degrees.

5. What are the Check-In and Check-Out times?

Normal check-in time is 4:00 pm during the spring and fall seasons. Summer check-in is at 1:30 pm. Normal check-out is 10:00 am for summer and  2:00 pm for spring and fall. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  

6. What is included in the rate I pay?

Lost Valley's rates are all-inclusive: meals, lodging, horseback riding, use of our facilities, children and teen supervision (summer season only), special programming and access to 26,000 gorgeous acres of the Pike National Forest! The only additional costs would be purchases at our Trading Post, transportation, if you chose to learn Orvis Fly Fishing, trap shooting, 3-D archery, or sign up for massage therapy. 4.6% tax will also be added to your bill.   Learn more about the all-inclusive rates at Lost Valley.

7. Do you serve alcohol?

We do not have a liquor license. You are free to bring your own alcohol and consume it in your cabin.  Also, let us know and we will pick up any wine, beer or liquor and have it waiting in your cabin when you arrive. We desire to have a family-oriented atmosphere; therefore, we ask that you not bring your drinks into any of the public areas or our lodge at meals.

8. I heard there was a major forest fire at the ranch. What did it do?

The Hayman fire  in the summer of 2002 burned almost 140,000 acres of forest around the guest dude ranch. The ranch and our 500 acres were miraculously saved and the forest in the ensuing years has had abundant rain causing the wild flowers, undergrowth and aspen trees to recover beautifully. Learn more about the Hayman Fire.

9. What about kids programs during the off-season?

During our Fall and Spring seasons we do not offer a supervised 6-12 year old or teen  program. We do offer our 3-5 year old supervised program and babysitting for infants. For those children 6-12 and your teenagers, we offer a wide range of activities to enjoy with you including horseback riding, fishing, hiking, square dancing, etc.

10. What if there is a need for emergency medical care?

Many of our staff are Red Cross First Aid certified and a number of them are trained and certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid. For minor issues or concern,  hospital emergency rooms are only an hour away. For major concerns, EMTs can be at the ranch in 30 minutes or an evacuation helicopter in 25 minutes.

11. What about general safety for me and my family?

Lost Valley is delightfully isolated in the Pike National Forest. Our nearest neighbor is 7 miles away and our dirt road ends at the ranch. Folks come to Lost Valley to "get away" and here you are away from it all! Our staff is specially trained to watch out for all ages of our guests. All of our cabins have dead-bolts. At night we have a watchman who is up till about midnight and immediate phone access to one of the Ranch manager's residences is available at the front desk all night long.

12. May I smoke at the ranch?

A new Colorado law restricts smoking in public places and all of our cabins are non-smoking. So we ask that you step outside before you light up.  Also, in order to maintain a family atmosphere across the cattle guard, we do not permit the smoking or consumption of marijuana on our property.

13. What about mail delivery?

Even though we are in a remote location, we have daily US mail service. We also have delivery and pick-up by UPS and Federal Express.

14. Does the ranch have phones, TV and cell service?

We do not provide phones or TVs in your cabin. In the lodge we have two free phones for making outside calls. Also, be aware that we do not have any cell phone coverage at the ranch.  

15. What shopping options are there?

The Lost Valley Trading Post is our fully stocked ranch store. In the front of the Trading Post, there are gifts, western clothing, accessories or other items in case you forgot something.  In the back, we have our Fountain which provides drinks, snacks as well as wonderful ice cream shakes.  For more details about the Trading Post.  

16. What are the meal times?

Breakfast is normally served from 7:45 till 9:30am. Lunch is at 12:30 pm and dinner at 6:15 pm. Learn more about dining at the ranch.

17. Does the ranch have a dress code?

No we don't. Casual western is always in style here at the ranch. You might want to bring something special for square dancing, but even at dinner we want you to be relaxed.