Our Brand

Horse at Lost Valley Ranch Wrangler rodeo at Lost Valley RanchGuest photo at Lost Valley Ranch

We call your Lost Valley experience "Our Brand of Western Hospitality."

This isn't just a catchy marketing slogan…it defines who we are and what we do. The "Brand" is a proud symbol of ownership that appears on our horses and cattle. For you, our guests, it means that the Ranch Family is personally invested in all aspects of our operation. From the kitchen to the cabins, from the corral to evening entertainment and especially with our staff, we put our family's stamp of approval on everything we do. In the end, it means that when you head back home, we expect your Lost Valley experience will remain a permanent "brand" in you memory… and your heart.

We are proud that "Western" is not only our location but also our philosophy of life.

Our 124 years of ranch history is framed as a horse and cattle operation. We've maintained the tradition of "hats, horses and hospitality" in our dress, activities, programs and thinking. As you assume the life of a cowboy, you will learn new ways of looking at your physical surroundings, you will relate differently with our staff and other guests and you will experience the dichotomy of being physically tired from all the new activities and programs and yet mentally and emotionally refreshed as you encounter the slower pace of ranch living.

Our "Hospitality" really boils down to one word… people.

We don't just take horseback rides…we take you Horseback Riding. We don't just offer meals … we serve them to you. Although this is our home, our greatest satisfaction comes from sharing it with you and our stated objective is to make each visit the best vacation you've ever had. For over half a century, the Fosters have opened our home to more than 24,000 guests that have come from all over the world to experience our unique ranch. Please join us this year as we help make your "Happiness Happen" with our Brand of Western Hospitality.